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Tecno Meccaniche Moderne s.r.l. was founded in 1998 following the merger of companies already present on the market. This is a very positive merger, brought into being and purposely studied to cater for market demand. The Company is proud of its continuity and offers the client its professionalism. The Company has had over twenty years experience in the components industry and metal working for industrial vehicles and transport. Our competence is aimed at meeting all our clients' needs.



The Company carries out the following work for third parties:
•  cold pressing on metal and other plate, using mechanical and oil-pressure presses;
•  laser cutting; - plate bending; - metal working of steel and copper pipes;
•  welding and construction from design of iron and stainless steel;
•  plate punching;
•  powder painting
Production covers the whole range of possible products: from curved pieces to printed pieces, to personalized cuts to the Client's specifications with possible technical requests, made quickly and punctually. Particular attention is paid to metallic and non-metallic plate, especially iron plate, both cold- and hot-rolled, to rustproof plate, electrogalvanized or galvanized plate, to tube processing in general and bending up to 110 mm in diameter.

Communication and motivation are the strategic importance of our business methods and the correct management of the workforce, confirming our competitiveness in the field. The Client's requirements and expectations are amply taken care of meaning the quest for the best technical solutions and quality. We offer our experience and ideas to meet any request, even financially. The engineering department is equipped with the latest CAD systems. The staff is continually updated in the sector to offer the client a fast, competitive service.


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